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Novena–St. Paul, The Apostle of Love– Day 6

DAY 6 Special request: A prayer for political leaders to be just and Church leaders to be holy. Prayer St. Paul, you taught, strengthened and encouraged Timothy by word and example. You formed him into an effective leader and servant of the Church. Your wisdom was an indispensable aid to him as you supported him… Read more »

Novena–St. Paul–The Apostle of Love, Day 5

DAY 5 Special request: Finding and maintaining gainful employment and comforting us in time of grief. Prayer Beloved Apostle Paul may our faith, labor and hope be a cause for you to give thanks to God in eternity. Like the Thessalonians, we desperately need your prayers so that we can be kept sound in body,… Read more »

Novena- St. Paul, The Apostle of Love—Day 3

DAY 3 Special request: Leading lives of joy and generosity while receiving the help we need. Prayer Beloved St. Paul, help us live our lives with such integrity, purity and innocence that you will rejoice before the throne of God as you remember us in your prayers. Deepen our love, broaden our knowledge and sharpen… Read more »

Novena- St. Paul, The Apostle of Love–Day 4

DAY 4 Special request: Persevering in prayer in times of struggle and hardship. Prayer St. Paul, please never cease praying for us, who are in such dire need. Through your intercession may we grow in wisdom and all manner of spiritual understanding so that we may conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Lord…. Read more »

Novena to St. Paul The Apostle of Love— Day 2

Oops I have been away too long.  Here is the second day, sorry  if I caused you to skip the day. If for some reason you skip any of the days, just be sure to start over.  I believe that any day is good day to start a novena. DAY 2 Special request: Achieving and maintaining peace… Read more »

Novena to St. Paul the Apostle of Love

As I was contemplating the upcoming Pentecost celebration; as I have shared with you before,  has been placed on my heart to keep watch over this day by committing to a public Pentecost Novena, a thought hit me to do a novena to St. Paul.  Now, I am not at all familiar with St. Paul…. Read more »

Worthy ?? Yes You are!!

When Our Lord calls us to participate in life, we must jump in with both feet. Hesitation is our nature.  We want to have answers and be prepared.  However, listening, as we have established, is doing and trusting.  Far be it from me to be an example of such a strange concept.  Not, I.  I… Read more »

Self help

We are constantly looking to change ourselves to the picture society has created for us. We walk through any bookstore only to see rows of self help books asking us if we have enough self confidence to find the man of our dreams, make the money we desire, have a body to kill for, and… Read more »


Sometimes finding the desire to push yourself to do what you ought, can feel like a lost cause.  Really what good is going to do? Who really is going to benefit or for that matter miss anything I do or say?  Low self esteem? No not really just….sometimes a realistic view at your life (my life) makes you… Read more »

Thoughts on a childhood without a mother

Once I began reading Motherless Mothers and looking at myself and my “attempt” at mothering my children, I realized why I felt so inadequate as a mother. A few years back, feeling depressed and lacking in my skills as a mother that I began to realize that one of my biggest problems, in raising my… Read more »