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Motherless Mothers

I came across a book by Hope Edelman titled “Motherless Mothers” and it caught my eye, being that I myself am– a motherless mother.  I have begun reading it and though I am not done, I have already found so much insight into the mother I am and why.  Being a mother, raising children, is… Read more »

Praying for Success of Catholic businesses.

Today, December 8th, the feast day of the Immaculate Conception, I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin a monthly prayer for the success of all Catholic (Christian) businesses.  Looking around during this Christmas season, it is saddening ho strw many small business that were struggling last year are now gone. What a perfect… Read more »

Advent–A beginning

Recently I was introduced by a friend to Our Lady Undoer of Knots, since then our Lady has been finding me . The season of Advent has begun. I know that I am running a bit late in sharing my desires for the season but I have come to a stage in my life ….it… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!! The one special day of the year set aside to help us to remember to be grateful!! As I sat thinking about this day, my thoughts went back to the pilgrims…who are credited with bringing us this beautiful day. Thoughts of why they got together with their “enemies” in a peaceful celebration came… Read more »

About Angels

Looking around, I can see the beautiful faces of angels. Chubby cheeks, sparkling eyes, infectious smiles, sweet attitudes. Eyes so full of love that you can’t help but want to hold them in your arms and just stare into those pools of welcoming, non-judgemental, serene blue eyes. Yet, angels must be allowed to do their… Read more »

Approval! Needed?

Lord of Mercy!! In our pain we look to you, help us understand. The Angels In Our Hearts, The Healing Walk is only a about a week away!!  The walk has been interesting to say the least!! We had some great moments this year, one being receiving approval from Bishop Kicanas. I was truly amazed… Read more »

National Infant Loss Awareness Day

I pray, you will never allow yourself to be denied the ability to celebrate the life you carried, the life you lost. Celebrate their milestones, however small they may be. Remember the smallest changes in you, small cravings, changes in your body, mind, and soul without these small footprints you would not be who you are. Love them, even from afar, for life is to be loved and the greatest gift is love itself. Cherish each minute detail; don’t change one thing. Simply EMBRACE it all.

Drive by Prayers — St. Gerard Novena Day 9

Ninth Day Saint Gerard, most favored child of heaven, to whom Mary gave the Infant Jesus in the days of thy childhood, to whom she sweetly came before thou didst close thine eyes in death, obtain for me I beseech thee, so to seek and love my Blessed Mother during life, that she may be… Read more »

Drive by Prayers– St. Gerard Novena Day 8

Eight Day Saint Gerard, true lover of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, do thou who didst kneel long hours before the Tabernacle, and there didst taste the joys of paradise. Obtain for me an undying love for the Most Holy Sacrament, that thus receiving frequently the Body and Blood of Jesus, I… Read more »

Drive by Prayers — St. Gerard Novena Day 7

DAY SEVEN Saint Gerard, unconquered hero, most patient in suffering, do thou who didst glory in infirmity, and under slander and most cruel ignominy didst rejoice to suffer with Christ, obtain for me patience and resignation in my sorrows, that I may bravely bear the cross that is to gain for me the crown of… Read more »