Compound Interest

Where has God brought me today ?

Sitting in this beautiful, serene setting, sipping hot tea, enjoy the sweet smell of roses, feeling doted on, simply relaxing wondering if God thought I needed some me time. One thing I know is God is never wrong, yet I am.

Feeling a nice day for mothers to get together & celebrate being moms was in order, agreed and set up, however things being as they are….turns up I am by myself in this celebration. I have not felt stressed or anxious least of all upset, for I feel that God has a purpose. I have noted on my journey that all is good as long as you stay on the path & let go of the reigns—TRUST!!!  Always working on that…

A constant reminder has been playing in my mind as of late…”Just One,”, I hear over & over.  “Just one person” you just have to touch one person. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now  and I think I got it now.  If  you touch one person a year, in ten years you would have touched 10 people, if those 10 people touch one person you would have touched 20, if those people touch one person you have touched 40 & so on…compound interest not just for the stock market.

Can’t even imagine what the world would be like if we all touched only one person per year starting back in the 1900’s, how would our world be now. Yet, to have made a difference we would have to be fearless in touching others. Fear can paralyze our actions, delaying our rewards.

Let not our fear stand in Your way, Lord. May we be prepared to allow Your hands to work through us and touch others.  Thank You, God.

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