Finding My Rhthym

Here I am so trying to find my rhythm. So many things to distract me and make you wonder about me.  Even I wonder where I have been wondering about.  I know my plate has been full, and my body has been tired but I should find a way to keep my spirits going long enough to enter a few words here and there, no….???

I know that I have said it before and have apologized for the content of my blog. As I feel many people might find it a bit too heavy and so many are looking to have their days lightened up by a life or two, or by others showing their great abilities therefore bringing inspirations however even though I have tried I am unable to bring this here….or at least not at this current time.

I know that I have a great humor but at this point I feel called to be stern, stoic, realistic about the evils around us. I have been confronted, lately, by many who are going on each day not even realizing how far they are moving away from the face of God.  I know that I, myself, have such difficulty in staying on a straight path to Our Lord’s presence…and know how easily it is to stray off…not even realizing because so many of the ideas which cause us to stray are very easily accepted and expected by those around us…by society that we think nothing of   We’ll this is my struggle and I believe that of many. If I can allow myself to feel like something of a “weather vane” an indicator of the winds of change…change for the betterment of the human soul…my soul….those of my children….loved ones and maybe even possible souls I know nothing of….maybe this is my call….

I hope that you don’t turn from me during my struggles…but instead that together we are able to find a safer way to keep on our path. In keeping on our path we are sure to come closer to the Face of God.

Pray, Lord, may we find the resolve in each of us to know what is right and wrong, even in this world so full of sin…sin which sometimes is dressed in acceptance and ease.



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