Drifting away

Drifting away.   DRIFTING AWAY!!

Gazing out at the array of boats and ships docked at the pier, my mind begins to wander. With the  gentle rocking of the hulls, the perpetual movement of the ocean is evident, yet watching from a distance the calm waters look so smooth, soothing, and relaxing, even almost still.   The tethered hulls, reminders that even with calm waters there is always a danger of drifting further into the ocean.

Looking out I see a small boat whose owner has forgotten to secure to the pier. With the calm movement of the ocean, it has begun to drift. I keep an eye on it, looking to see how far it will get while I am still watching. The boat drifts slowly, at first it is barely evident that there is no tether, however within a few hours, it has gotten a good distance away from the pier.  It is amazing to see how even with calm waters the boat was able to float away so far, leaving it out in the ocean alone awaiting the return of his owner.

Do we drift from God in the same manner?  Ever so slowly, thinking that the calm of life does not takes us far for Him, yet before we know it there is half an ocean between God and us.  Unfortunately, it usually takes a storm to make us see how far we have gotten away from God.  Is that why God brings storms into our lives, to remind us to tie our tethers.  He doesn’t want us to be lost. We are HIS. HE doesn’t want to lose us. We—YOU are important to HIM!!

God, our loving Father, keep your children tethered to Your Love. May we not awaken to find ourselves lost in this world, yet if we do find ourselves lost, we know You will find us…no matter what.



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