Scared yet strong

For the desire of your heart is itself your prayer. And if the desire is constant, so is your prayer.  St. Augustine

On Saturday the 26th, we gathered to celebrate the precious little souls who touched our lives. Let us remember them and how they changes us, for the better.

All life is here to fulfill a purpose, some lives are more gifted than others and therefore take less time to accomplish their goal.

In the short time my son was in my life, seven weeks from conception, he made me feel strong…stronger than I had felt for a long time, I felt as if I was unstoppable and I was happy even though I was scared. Scared  because it had been a long time since the last time I was pregnant, and at that time, I had been given a menacing prognosis from my OB–if I got pregnant again I could be risking mine and /or my baby’s life. Yet, I felt blessed. I hadn’t thought about getting pregnant again because of the fear that the prognosis was correct, but now I no longer fear… if God would give me another child, I would be willing to give  up my life for him.

My son’s life was short, too short for me, but his life changed me and I will never  forget how his life took away my fear.  I needed him even if only for a short time. I needed him and God knew, as He always does.  Let’s try to remember how wonderful their short lives were and find the beauty in their lives. Trust in God to know what is best for us, to heal us, and change our imperfections. To accept the unacceptable and yet to grow in His love.

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