A question for you …

Do you remember the first feelings that went through your mind when you heard the words “You are pregnant”?

On this most beautiful day, March 25, the celebration of the Annunciation. In my opinion, this is one of the most blessed and beautiful days of the life of Jesus and Mary. From the viewpoint of Our Blessed Mother, being a mother, the day you find out that you are carrying a small life in your body is both amazing and frighting. Your mind is full of these new possibilities, overwhelming joy, wonder, warmth, tears of happiness or fear, questions, concerns, unbelief; as well as images of babies–images of sweet baby smile, the look of unconditional trust and love you see in their eyes, the feeling of true love as you hold them, the sweet sound of giggles and goos, adorable outfits, and sometimes you imagine crying babies and stressed out moms. However, when you think of the little miracle that you will be doing, you are astonished at what your body is about to accomplish.

I wonder what could have gone through our Blessed Mother’s mind. Did she even realize what she had agreed to and the extent of her faith? She was an engaged women, promised to a man who would soon know she was pregnant and a father who believed in old fashioned morals, how would she face them? The angel, Gabriel, had given her great tidings of her
cousin, Elizabeth, that also was expecting; so she “ran” as quick as she could to see and be with the one who would understand her and help her to grow stronger in her faith and not be afraid of all that she must face.

Faith, it starts out small (in most cases), just as an infant in the womb and grows slowly with patience and love. A love that you don’t see or understand; how can you love someone so much when you have never even meet them or even seen them? Growing in faith, is no different from the growth of an infant….starts out ever so small and grows into a toddler, growing with the awe of all the beauty around him, to a small child growing with it’s desire to be independent, to a young adult with an attitude and a desire to prove self-reliance, then into an adult-a parent realizing and needed to feel secure.

God knows us so well and allows us the different stages of our lives that we might grow at our pace and He allows us the freedoms to make mistakes and to hurt in many ways but He is always there watching and waiting ready to catch us when we come running home to Him, just as a good parent.

Allow me and share with me; our walk in faith. Each day here will be a surprise to you as well as to me. As I learn to listen and trust and follow.

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