So, there has been this idea for an article flying in and out of my head for a little while and I just haven’t been able to find the right words or something is just missing. This idea was pounding in my head again today and I finally relented. Going over in my head, how to start it and where to go from there, but it just wasn’t coming together. Then I went onto my FB, and my good friend had posted just what I needed…thanks V. You are always there.

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When you open this link, you will find one of the most amazing woman in the world. She joins an elite few, unfortunately.  She was once categorized as the “ugliest women” however that only tells us what society values and which comes as no surprise.

She has been diagnosed with a very rare disorder which, as far as odds go, would make her very lucky.  I do believe she is very lucky, she may not think so but one of the “good” things about her disorder is that it is not well known yet, since less than a handful of people share the disorder.

Do you know what happens to people who have been diagnosed with a disease or disorder?  Well meaning people are constantly trying to find a cure. Which is all well and dandy, especially if you have a cancer or any treatable, curable disease but when you have a disorder that is not really “curable” but can be “coverable” it becomes annoying.  Would anyone agree?  If a person has Autism Spectrum, Fragile X, Downs Syndrome, or many of the disorders which fall into these categories, people are always trying to find ways to change their behaviors to be “normal”.  Whose normal are they trying to fit?

I am very glad that Lizzie is out there being “normal” and embracing her “different disorder” while continuing to live her life. A life that was meant to be just as it is, bravely abnormal. The courage which she faces her days with was meant to inspire and aspire.

When people are given gifts from God that we don’t understand, society tries it’s best to label them as unfit but what is unfit to society may be the most fitting. My son has a diagnoses as well, he has times when he seems to be in space and then when he returns, he comes back  in a more “normal” state. Yes, I try to “fix” him, to make him “fit in” better, to not be a “burden” on society, yet just today I had a thought about his “spacey time”.  I wonder where he goes when he is not here (mentally of course), does he and is he privileged to spend time with the angels? Is that why he comes back seemingly more “normal”. Granted he has a long way to go to be labeled “normal”. And yes, I want him to be “normal” for his sake and for society but maybe that is the wrong mental state to have.  Maybe, we should envy those who have a direct connection to heaven simply because  they are not “normal”.

Who should  have the last say on what is beautiful and/or intelligent? God makes no mistakes, and if we have faith in God we should not question why He has done or what He has done. How do we become the accepting people God wants us to be?  So many times, I give in and look  (even in my home) for normalcy and yet I trust God…somehow that does not seem right.

God, change our minds to see what You have given us. Let us not try to constantly repair what is not wrong but different.


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