About Angels


Looking around, I can see the beautiful faces of angels. Chubby cheeks, sparkling eyes, infectious smiles, sweet attitudes. Eyes so full of love that you can’t help but want to hold them in your arms and just stare into those pools of welcoming, non-judgemental, serene blue eyes. Yet, angels must be allowed to do their job. You can’t hold them for too long.  In the presence of the Lord, they stand still, but here they must move. There is so much to get done. So many to protect, save, guide.

We begin our lives as angels, then we are thrust into this world to find our way and prepare to help others in the next life.  Each day we are bombarded by a constant barrage of opportunities to gain our heaven.  “Opportunities” that cause us to fight our way in this world, this society. We must gain ground each day by working hard to save all those who are in need.  Yet, becoming involved in the lives of all those who are needy can tear us apart.  Finding the balance is key.  Now we have a key.  Does having the key mean we can turn the knob to success?   Success is  fleeting no one is sure what success means.   Those who have achieved the elusive success of fame, fortune, and family have not found true success.  The point need not be proven, as you see so many famous people drowning their problems, sorrows and wasting their money on cheap thrills, many even taking their own lives because they can’t no longer face the emptiness that is their lives. 

How do we find the purpose for our lives?  Find the one thing or several things we were made to fulfill?  Do we go on blindly hoping, fighting, losing, not knowing where or what?  

Yes, we must struggle in our desires to find our true “happiness”. Happiness in our lives will be a constant chase and it should be, for in capturing it we will stop searching….searching and fulfilling should be our goal.  Each little step we take in giving of ourselves….finding ourselves….knowing ourselves….fulfilling the lives of others ….the main step…others and not ourselves.  We must not be the opera queens…MEMEMEMEME  but strive to chant YOUYOUYOUYOUYOU. What can I do for YOU, You plural positive.  

In each You we voice, we are calling to Our Lord, looking for Him, seeking Him, desiring to serve Him, ultimately Loving HIM.  

Please Lord, remove the memememe from me, fill me with a resounding YOUYOUYOU!!! YOU are my love. Please show me the way to YOU.


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