What am I doing here?

I am a wife and home-schooling, stay at home mom of seven here and one in Our Lord’s arms.

I am not techie, to say the least. I am rarely on Facebook or on blogs. So how did someone like me get here?

A few years back, after I started to home school my children, I joined a Catholic home schooling group (I am a cradle Catholic) with no intentions in growing in my faith but God brought me to some great women and lead me to realize how far away I had gone from my faith and my belief in Him. Slowly, my eyes were opened to what I had been missing and I realized I didn’t want to miss out anymore. One step at a time, I grew closer to God, Jesus, Our Blessed Mother-Mary, and the Holy Spirit and they filled my heart and my spirit with such peace and a passion to help others feel the beauty of His love.

Stretched beyond my comfort zone, a little at a time, God would ask “Could you please do this??” and even though I felt uncomfortable and unqualified, I would quietly answer yes. Slowly, with patience and Love, He has brought me here.

Where is here?

Here– is a place to share the journey, God has so graciously designed for US. Yes, I would love to hear about your journey, as well as share mine. I see this blog, as place to share my walk in faith, to continue to grow in faith, and finding others who have or are walking in the faith. A place that you could share your experiences. A place to help Catholics grow in faith, finding what has been missing in their Catholic faith. Help provide resources to those searching to find in the Catholic faith what seems to be so readily available in Christian faiths or other denominations.

A vision of a Catholic Community where we can be as a family. Political correctness has no place in family, however what I term as the big 5 does. The big 5 are Obedience, Respect, Responsibility, Honor, and Honesty these are our building blocks for communication and one of the best way to listen to God. There are no boundaries to what God can accomplish, nor what He wants to accomplish in and with you. He has made each of us with a purpose, to achieve this purpose we simply need to stop being selfish and not live for us but for Him.

How has God guided you?

One of the most important things we can do is listen to God when He calls to us. As we build this website and work to do God’s work, we would love to hear your story and share with others the wonderful things God does in our every day lives.

Share your testimony with us.