Acceptance and Love

It is with the Lord that we are happiest. That joyful love that encompasses us brings us to our knees in loving worship.

When we find ourselves constantly looking for acceptance and love, here,  in the realm of mere humanity we lose our selves to sin, however, if we allow ourselves to reach upward to find the love, compassion,  acceptance, and grace which we will only find through God, Our Father; our hearts will overflow and we will find ourselves in an amazing loving embrace in which we can see ourselves as the Lord has truly made us.

The peace that can overtake  us once we allow ourselves to “look” at ourselves as we were meant to be can not be defined. Yet, many religious Sisters, and Priest have come to know this embrace and acceptance and sometimes that is the only thing that keeps them in their  quest for the many lost souls.

God, please allow the many out there hunting in sinful ways to find an empty love, to find you and come to know a love full of richness and hope. May they see how worthy it is to follow you, my Lord.

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