Angels in Our Hearts

The Angels In Our Hearts walk was yesterday and it was magnificent. It was a beautiful day, far greater than I could have hoped.  The weather was wonderful, the location was great, the Volunteers were amazing, the Attendees were  perfect.  What more could I have asked for??? Not one more thing.

I was in the company of amazing people and our peace abound through us. I was there to bring comfort to others and instead was comforted. How wonderful it is when things come together in harmony.

Angels dispersing

Angels dispersing

As I looked at this beautiful sight and I had a vision…could you see it with me?  I can imagine, that along the bottom is “angel central” and as the cloud begins to tunnel then flourish…I imagine they have been given their orders and are now dispersing to their proper assignments, moving at the speed of light to be there to watch over all of us.  These are our babies, our souls, our lives, being given their rightful place among the heavens.

In our pain and grief, we forget that our children were first and foremost angels and upon finishing their work, here on earth, must return home…as we all must and when we finally arrive, we will be greeted by our children and filled with an abundance of love.

Our Blessed Mother, who has felt the pain of grief, who knew the pain of losing a perfect child, please hold us in your loving embrace until we can stand alone once again. Assure all the mothers suffering a loss that you will not leave them but instead bring their pain to your beloved Son, who will bring them peace. We are ever grateful to you, Our  Blessed Mother.

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