Approval! Needed?

Lord of Mercy!!

In our pain we look to you, help us understand.

The Angels In Our Hearts, The Healing Walk is only a about a week away!!  The walk has been interesting to say the least!!

We had some great moments this year, one being receiving approval from Bishop Kicanas. I was truly amazed at how quickly the Bishop approved the walk.  He actually did it in one day, assigned one of the Sisters to take on the Walk & to find ways to support it.  The Sr. was quick in calling back, yet something got in the way … like it was not meant to be in the hands of the church but instead in the hands of those who are in need.

My mind has been inundated by the many who have been touched by the  loss of a child and how so many have not and are not allowed to mourn nor celebrate the beauty of the lives that have touched them.

I feel filled with the a stronger desire this year to push forward in continuing with the walk, as well as put more events in place to remember all those lives which have been forgotten. The lives which Our Lord has made and brought forth to touch each of us, in ways we will never know.

Holy Spirit open me to hear the call of Our Lord. May I find the strength to continue on, may my hands, feet, eyes,ear, and mouth be filled with the Spirit of the Lord. May my desire be torn apart.


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