April Drive by Prayers

April is here!! Soon Easter Sunday will be here!!  What have you accomplished in this lenten season?  Hmmm…shall I be totally honest??  Sometimes honesty is overrated???!!! Nah, never overrated, hard I admit,  Yes but not overrated.  Otherwise, what would we say to Jesus about honesty?

Ok my confession….I’ve been a slacker this lenten season. I haven’t done what I had set my goals on, and I have found it easy to make “good” excuses for not living up to God’s standards. It’s not that I haven’t tried but it has been this or that…as I said–all good excuses.  Question, is an excuse just a lie you tell yourself to make everything  seem reasonable?  Yikes, I am in trrrouuuble. Well, I still have a little time to do better and maybe gain the forgiveness that I know God will provide. (I want to feel like a earned it although He gives  so generously.)

I wanted to give you a heads up on our April Drive by Prayers novena. I believe this novena is very powerful and those who have suffered through an abortion and those who have just made wrong choices, are lost, needing to find their way back home, in need of feeling & knowing they are forgiven, those in so much pain they can’t even talk about and sooo many others, basically everyone can be touched and changed by this novena. Therefore, when you are praying the novena allow your heart to touch all those you know, as well as all the tiny souls.

The Divine Mercy Novena will begin on Good Friday, April 18. This is the traditional day for the Divine Mercy Novena, with this powerful novena being prayed by many, not only us but  all those who normally pray it so many lives can change by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Please pass on the information to all you know that they may pray too.  If you would like to learn more about the Divine Mercy Novena click here.

Holy Father bring to our Drive by Prayers those who are in need of Your Son’s healing heart. May they see Jesus Sacred Heart and be filled with the beauty of Your Love.




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