Ash Wednesday

Tomorrow (maybe today for some of you) will be Ash Wednesday. What are your memories of Ash Wednesday? When did you begin “giving something up” for the lenten season? I remember having just done my first Holy Communion and being told “Now you are old enough to take on the responsibility of participating in lent.”.

So, ever since I was eight, I have been “giving up something” in order to meet my requirement for lent.  A small change, up until about two years back , I had been “giving something up”. For the last two years I have been doing the lent season a bit different.  I have “given myself up” for the lent season.  In giving myself up, I have given all I am to God and have tried to find in me the flaws that I have allowed myself to get hold of and  allowed to over take the beauty of what God has to offer me.

I invite you, this year to give up the most precious gift God has given you…You.  May He work on you this lent season. May you allow Him to show you the beauty that is in you. May He bring you closer to your salvation and may He never stop working in you.  I pray that He never stops working on me…I have so much to change, that I may be made worthy of His Love.

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