Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Prayers for the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Almighty and eternal God, who hast taken up into the glory of Heaven, with body and soul, the immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of thy son: grant us, we pray, that we may always strive after heavenly things and thus merit to share in her glory. Amen.

Tomorrow, August 15, is the feast day of The Assumption of Our Blessed Mother. Take the day to reflect on what Our Lord was saying to us when He came down with loving arms and embraced His beloved Mary and brought her home to be with His Son. At least that is how I imagine it. It could have been Our Most Loved, Jesus, who came down, with a fierce embrace and welcomed home His Mom.

Our Blessed Mother once again paving the road for us. Preparing and modeling the arrival of our bodies into heaven. The Virgin mother who in all her life, lived without sin and for no one else but for Our Father, to do His will, always listening and obeying without question, without fear, without anger even when she was crushed by sorrow. What a magnificent example of what every women can do and accomplish, if only she is not overtaken by temptation.  Let’s do our best to follow her example in all that we do, each and every day. Loving each other as Our Blessed Mother loves Jesus, loves God.

Whatever way you envision it, take this day to spend time with reflecting on the meaning of Our Most  Blessed Mother’s joys and sacrifices. Could you imagine yourself being the mother of the Messiah, could you imagine watching your Son be crucified for the sins of the world when the world would rather ignore her pain? Open your heart to the Virgin Mary, embrace all that she has done and does for you.  Remember her, love her, seek her, and embrace her as your Mother.

Most Blessed Mother, on this the feast day of your Assumption into heaven, please bring to your Son the many pains of God’s  children. May all those who don’t believe yet, allow you to open their hearts to you and your Son. Praise be to God.


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