Being Blessed with Children

Sometimes I wonder what God sees in me. What HE thinks I can accomplish. What does HE see in all of us?  Given–each one of us is extremely special to HIM.  He knows what each of us can and will accomplish.  Yet, when we look at ourselves, do we see the beauty He does?  Is it as hard for everyone else as it is for me?  I can’t even fathom how or why HE has given me the opportunities HE has…why has HE graced my with my children. That is the one question I ask.  I look at my children and feel so blessed. I know they are all here simply because God entrusted them to me, but why me?  I am sure there are so many more capable mothers more worthy of these amazing children, so why me?

I will not know the answer to the question until I face HIM (God willing) but I hope I never forget how blessed I feel knowing God trusted me with HIS children.  I hope I never forget to feel blessed (but too many times I do) with my children. When time is short, and most definitely when tempers run short, I do.  I dream of the days when I can be happy with the mess me children made, with hearing them be loud and obnoxious,  when even the worst in them makes me smile. I wonder if God does that with us?  Can you imagine HIM, just looking at us with a smile on HIS face even though HE is shaking HIS head in disbelief?  Oh, how I wish I could be that parent, too!!!

Pray, Lord, stop me from forgetting my blessings.  Making me worthy of your smile. And in your disbelief of my actions gently guide me and correct me, loving Father.



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