Blemishes and All

I have been reviewing some the articles and have noticed a pattern, well actually I was suspecting there was a pattern emerging and so had to take a step back and review.

I can see where God has moved my heart, however I am not sure I am doing what He had in mind. I know that He has been very intent in telling me that “temptations” are very real, to be aware of them even in the smallest forms. He has shown me where/when I have unwittingly given in to “temptations” allowing the enemy to be more in control of my life. He has moved me to share with you, why- I can’t really say.  He has been sure to show me my surroundings in a way that I had never seen it before. He has made me question and He has given me the answers to what I really am seeing.  On occasions, He has been gentle and on others He has been blunt and straight forward which has brought me to tears and at times made me ashamed of my choices.

During one such occasion, I said “how can I ask You for forgiveness when I can’t even forgive myself.”  It was like a light bulb went on and it gave me a better idea why so many of us get lost.  We, humans, find it hard to forgive ourselves after doing what we know to be wrong.  Maybe, we nurture our mistakes with more detail then we do our accomplishments. Why is that?  God loves us for our imperfections, He made us like that and He is pleased with us when we see our sins and run to Him.  He welcomes us into His arm, blemishes and all.

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