Blessed be

Blessed be this day, for our Saviour has been born.

Blessed be the Virgin Mary, who has given birth to the light of our lives. This day in which Our Blessed Mother first lays eyes on “her” Son. Light to the world. Brightness shines beyond compare and Joy overflows through Mary’s heart and soul. Shepards are washed with the light from a brilliant star, bringing to them peace as their watch they keep.

The world begins a new journey without even worthy recognition. Quietly does our Saviour enter this world.  He will bring to us eternal life, yet so few are even aware.

Pray, that we may be aware of the beautiful changes in store for us through Our Lord and Saviour. They may not be glitzy, glamourous changes yet quiet, subtle changes will rock this world.

Happy Birthday, Lord.  Thank you for sacrificing for us, your life. For coming to us so humbly and perfect. Blessed be the name Jesus.


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