Bombardment, total and complete bombardment–can I say it enough??

We are being bombarded (to be assailed persistently) with enticing opportunities that seem so “normal” because they have become acceptable by all. I can see this from a different perspective now. Once not much surprised me and I didn’t care about other peoples lifestyle choices (after all I was a big girl, I could make me own choices, right).  What did I care what other people did on their own time, what kind of decisions they made, what programming was on T.V., what kind of ads were being used to sell or what they were selling.  The list can go on and on, and I believe I am not the only one who has thought this way and because I am not the only one who has bought into accepting people as they are and not question what they do on their time, we are now seeing so many of our moral values disintegrating into, dare I say—nothing.   Our  values have been compromised a little bit at time, so that we haven’t really taken notice. Kind of reminds me about the story about king and the silo of rice (you remember, the servant asked for one small rice at a time and by the time the famine was in full bloom, the servant had all the rice and the king had none).

I look around and I see what I have allowed to take place and I am very angry at myself for looking but never seeing what was going on right in front of my face.  What I have allowed to happen to my “world” and now I have to deal with the mess I allowed to take over in all aspects of my life…but my life is not that important….what is important is the lives of my children and how morally desperate their lives will be.  Is it too late to start to see what I have caused?  How can I rebuild this desperate situation….where do I start.

I think God has started to lead me down a path where we can make  a difference in the lives of all those to young to know better.

Dear Father, You who have held our hands and have walked with us down this moral decline.  You have allowed us to see the fruit of our slothfulness and have allowed us our mistakes in order that we may learn by experience…as well seem to need to do.  Take our hands now and help us to repair this world for our all Your children.  Heal our pains, help us to remember that You have forgiven us and are ready to allow us to make amends.  Thank you for your love and blessings.

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