Book club – “The Seven Levels of Intimacy”

Matthew Kelly has a gift for bringing the complexities of human nature to mere reality.

Beginning with his “Love is a choice.” in the prologue, Mr. Kelly hits with the realization straight off.  “Sex is not Intimacy, “ let’s us know the book is about more than the physical. So now is the time to run, if you have no desire to really get to know yourself. Run!! Because this book is going to get physical.

Let”s Talk—Physical, Emotional. Intellectiual,  and Spiritual Intimacy!!

Personally, this hit me. It made me realize that so much intimacy is missing in my life. I have spend the last decade “putting out fires” that I have not taken care of any of my intimate “needs”.

“The first step toward experiencing true Intimacy is getting comfortable with yourself and learning how to enjoy your own company.”

When I reflected on this sentence, I realized that I have fallen away from myself. I’m mean, I’m not sure if I’d even recognize myself  if I ran into myself at a store—who am I, now?

I’m sure that this is normal for women who spend everyday lost in the lives of their children, husband, and the many ministries they attend to; but does it need to be this way?

I don’t think so. Mr. Kelly reminds us that as husband and wife, we are meant to help each other become “the best version for ourselves”. As parent’s we are called to assist our children in becoming “the best version of themselves.”  It is this purpose which should assist us in maintaining a beautiful, intimate relationship not only with our spouse and children, but also with all those whose lives touch ours.

Share with me your thoughts on chapters 1 & 2.

Most Holy Father bring to Your children amazing intimate relationships which lift them up to be “the best version of themselves”, as you created them to be. May the desire for a pure, intimate, real relationships be at the heart of Your children. Amen.

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