Book Club — Weekend Project — “Seven Levels…”

Referring to his idea of Intimacy as a real need, Matthew Kelly says, “This restlessness is our hearts yearning for intimacy. In our efforts to feel complete, worthy, fulfilled, and contented we often chase pleasure, possessions, and achievements.”  However, these moments while they can feel satisfying, are fleeting.  “the aftermath of these experiences leaves us yearning for something more.”

Matthew wisely states, “ You simply never can get enough of what you don’t really need.”

Is this true especially with possessions. Just looking at societies need for extra storage. 

As we prepare to go into the “Seven Levels”, take some time over the weekend to contemplate your “restless hearts”. Looking at your possessions, pleasures, achievements, successes, etc… Have they left you fulfilled or yearning for more. In looking at ourselves in a new light, can we find true intimacy? 

Bring your thoughts or questions to our next Meetup, go into Meetup discussions,,  or feel free to text me (520) 955-3040 anytime, I like to hear from you and your amazing insight.

Have a blessed day. 

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