So many times we allow our world to fit into the pre-determined world our society has set up for us. While that may not be the best place for us to be, it is where we find comfort and acceptance. Our boundaries are constantly being realigned and funny as it may seem, while the world is getting “bigger” our boundaries are getting smaller.

Look around as see where your boundaries are.  You have to be politically correct to make even a mere statement, fear of law suits, or fear of offending our government.  When we are filled with fear of what is considered correct, we allow our boundaries to begin to change. What we once would have stood up for in an instant, we, now,  have to stop and think about what will come from your “belief” and if it is really worth it.

I, suppose, that this where are moral values begin to diminish as well. We are forced to agree with what goes against our beliefs or face the consequences.

Let us pray that our moral boundaries are expanded, that we may stand strong for what we know to be right. May we not question the word of God yet be willing to be His words and mobilize them. God help us.

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