Boys to Fathers

Lord,  We pray for all men and fathers in this world, we ask in your name to open their eyes and minds to the temptations around them,  may they see them for what they really are and may  the devil’s confusion be evident to them before it takes control of their children causing havoc and chaos in their lives.

May the Light of your Love lead the way for them , may they be filled with your strength to face each and every day, may they obey your words and your instructions. Guide them with a loving arm, may their hearts be open to receive You.

The last few days, my eyes have been called to see the beauty of some young men and how they interact with small children. I have seen that they can be generous, loving, caring, selfless, teachers all the qualities that would make for a great father and then I ask myself what happens to these young men as they get older. So many of them change and are no longer the great fathers but become selfish, uncaring, hateful, boosting man that mistreat their girlfriends and pay for abortions. Then I wonder how many of them really know how many of their own children they have killed. In what stage of life do these wonderful boys become hateful men? Can we change that? Wouldn’t be wonderful if they could keep those qualities into adulthood?  Could you imagine the changes in our society if we had more great fathers out there?  We might have to find a better use for all those prisons.

May God hear our prayers.


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