Bring it on

Bring on the bombardment.

When we are being bombarded; are we not on the right road?   It seems the closer you get to God — the more that satan wants to tear you apart!!! 

I finally got a chance to watch the movie “God is (NOT) Dead” .  My thoughts on the movie:  I really liked it, it was good in so many ways and the depth it can take you to can be amazing, if you allow yourself to really think through the many different aspects that it tries to deliver. 

One of the aspects that has stayed with me, because it is one of my daily struggles, is the following clip.  I think the honesty in the words spoken by a women, a mom,  suffering dementia totally speak life into the idea of living life on an easy street.  Society, so idolizes ease and we have it wrong, soo wrong.

Heavenly Father in your arms we are safe. In Your arms we have strength, in Your arms we are whole, in Your arms all that we suffer diminishes into love. 

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