[email protected]

We are in the preliminary construction phase of building a website totally dedicated to the mentoring mom group — [email protected]

Thank you for your patience, prayers, and desires to see the group begin to flourish in our desert. Soon we will be an oasis of loving mothers and friends.

If you feel called to volunteer, contact me by phone, text, or send a comment.

If you are looking for someone to talk to please do not hesitate to call, text, e-mail, or comment. Your contact will be treated with discretion, kindness, and love. We are here for YOU.
The main mission of [email protected] is to bring women together to establish a solid foundation of trust, guidance, and support by embracing each mom at their crossroads.

Mentoring moms are prepared to listen, provide options, share their experiences, while nurturing a friendship.

Moms seeking [email protected] are moms missing their moms,first and second (plus) time moms, moms with estranged relationships, lost moms, scared moms, overwhelmed moms, every mom in need of a loving and welcoming relationship.

Please pray for the group, especially the moms (mentoring and in-need), may the loving arms of our Father hold them close.

Blessed  Mother, open my heart, eyes, and ears that I may hear your precious Child’s desires. Holy Mother, please bring me the instructions which the Baby Jesus entrusts in You. For You are His confidant and I am only a lowly servant awaiting His words, unworthy but loved regardless. Blessed by thy name, Jesus.