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God is truly amazing. When we walk with Him, we truly never walk alone. The warmth and peace that has touched my heart, can never be explained or may I better say I can’t explain it with accurate enough words. What I do believe is if anyone were to feel the peace they would never… Read more »

Slide Therapy–Phase II

In the local groups that I organize I am offering a “therapy” which I feel has helped my children and I wanted to offer this opportunity to anyone interested. Obviously, there are no guarantees and the fact is that I am not anything more than a mom, no therapist training or any training of any… Read more »

Difficulties and growth

Finding time to grow in all aspects of life can be extremely trying, don’t you think? Where does one start? How do you find a starting point, which aspect becomes priority?  Do you start with faith? Parenthood? Mental, physical or Spiritual, each is an important part of who we are meant to be but is… Read more »

Colossians 3:13-25 (instructions?)

Colossians 3:13-25  (from “Marriage-Forgiveness” ) is quickly becoming my most loved verse from the Bible. There are times that a passage from the Bible stands out to you in ways it has never stood out before. You read it, then re-read it again and again each time seeing more meaning in what you are reading than… Read more »

Continued Change–Different Change

I look around my life and I see–chaos.  I yearn for a change, not just any change but a true, uplifting,emotional, deep-down moving change.  How many self-help books are out there about change?  What I know, in my life, is change is temporary. Unless, you truly find that “magic pill”, you will revert to who… Read more »

God Will Not Leave You

I have been thinking and when I first “allowed ” myself to be guided to start doing this blog, along with the other endeavors I have undertaken due to “feeling a calling to” I was so scared people would think I was crazy.  Maybe, I thought that because if someone had approached me with this… Read more »

Blemishes and All

I have been reviewing some the articles and have noticed a pattern, well actually I was suspecting there was a pattern emerging and so had to take a step back and review. I can see where God has moved my heart, however I am not sure I am doing what He had in mind. I… Read more »

Why Are You Who You Are?

Have you ever wondered why you are who you are?  Have you ever wished to be someone else or at least have the qualities of someone else?  Do you ever feel ill-equiped to deal with your life?  Honestly, I have have many many times. Sometimes I think we don’t even make sense to ourselves. Personal… Read more »

Thank God!!

One of the primary goals for this blog was to share with you my walk in faith.  That is what my intent had been, however, it seems to be all scattered.   I am sure as you read the different areas of the blog, you can easily see that I am going in all different… Read more »

Learning to Follow

Learning to be open to what the Holy Spirit asks of you can be incomprehensible.  As I said before, being able to distinguish who is saying what can possibly drive you mad.   I envy those who have been living this lifestyle and are now more at ease with following. It is so much easier… Read more »