Choose to Believe

You can choose to believe 

what you wanna believe

You can choose to believe 

what you wanna believe

The Truth is in your hands.

The truth is in your hands.

God has given us free will, which gives us control of our journey.

In our journey, we will encounter many obstacles, we will face many challenges, make choices that may alter our journey,  hopefully change into the person we were created to be.

This journey will be filled with temptations which could make the journey more enjoyable, yet there may be a price to pay.

We will come to find, that not everything is it seems to be or as we thought it should be.

We will come to, what seems to be, “dead-ends”, we will be given limited choices, tainted by the devil’s hands, requiring very limited effort.

We could chose to follow or believe God will guide us on uncharted path, requiring much of us, yet giving us options which will surely lead us and our families home.

Pray, we will be adventurous enough to engage in the uncharted. To believe even when everything or everyone is telling us–Not to. To hear God’s word and ache to go Home. Pray that our desire to come to our Heavenly Home overfills our desire for ease.

Lord, don’t forsake us. You are our Home.

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