Colossians 3:13-25 (instructions?)

Colossians 3:13-25  (from “Marriage-Forgiveness” ) is quickly becoming my most loved verse from the Bible. There are times that a passage from the Bible stands out to you in ways it has never stood out before. You read it, then re-read it again and again each time seeing more meaning in what you are reading than before.

With wonder, I am amazed at the beauty of God. How can He know what we need and when we need it, each minute detail is considered for each one of us. Can you really say it is a coincidence?

As I read it, my mind kept thinking–this could be life’s little instructions.  Could I live like this, could I use  the “instructions” in my daily life?

**Be patient,  forgiving, charitable = peace**

“Live in the word of Christ always, be filled with joy and song in all your work as well as in your words. Wives, love and respect your husbands. Husbands love your wife and don’t be bitter or resentful. Children obey your parents. Parents do not anger your children unjustly as to not discourage them.  Employees give your best to your employer and don’t be greedy because God will provide you a mansion. Don’t let anger rule you for God will treat justly anyone who angers you.”

Please let me know if anyone out there has actually lived by or lived up to these “instructions”.  It sounds so simple and just,  but how could it possible be? In our human nature, we would have to make everything complicated.  Could we go around not getting angry even when we get cut off or someone makes a prejudice statement, could we do nothing and leave it in the Lord’s hands trusting Him to take care of it for us.

Lord, please guide us, show us how to live by your “instructions”. Give us your grace to trust in You and Your time.  Help us to parent our children with these basic rules, knowing that You know what is best for the little angels You have blessed us with.


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