Comfort level

Comfort can be the leading road to sin.

Our personal desire to be comfortable in our lifestyles can make it easier for us to sin. What kind of life do we desire…one with minimum stress, responsibility, pain, discomfort, or poverty…what do we look for….a maximum on free time, party time, good health, or riches.  How do we get those things? What must we sacrifice in order to get what we want?  Sin can become fuzzy in the midst of getting what you want…a small lie, acceptable deeds and once you get to a certain area in your climb to the ultimate lifestyle those things which are “normal”, you questions less. Those high paid execs have to drink to deal with all the stress or because they have take clients outs and show them a good time (acceptable).  Long hours at work, lead a husband/wife to stray because they no longer spend time with each other…divorce? acceptable?   Children/parents getting caught up in the highs of drugs because they looking for a thrill to take them away from the monotony which has become their lives.

Comfort, seemingly, innocent. Comfy couch, nice big screen t.v., watching some movies, relaxing, vegging out…innocent enough….soft porn on the set, hey it’s not bad just questionable innuendos….leading to an addiction?  Yeah, comfort can distract us into thinking everything  is good but how good is good?  Our lives are being tested to see where we can draw the line. Be careful and watch out for becoming complacent, soon you look back and wonder how you got so lost. Small baby steps is how satan lures us into an unbelievable life…good or bad…you have to be aware.

Lord, Our Father, in our world where comfort is the constant desire of the human body and mind, guide us in our desire for discomfort. In our discomfort to stand up for YOU, who loves us and has given us the commandments that we may not detour from the life YOU have prepared for us.

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