Continued Change–Different Change

I look around my life and I see–chaos.  I yearn for a change, not just any change but a true, uplifting,emotional, deep-down moving change.  How many self-help books are out there about change?  What I know, in my life, is change is temporary. Unless, you truly find that “magic pill”, you will revert to who you have been.  Why? Probably because we have become accustomed to being that person and others expect us to be that person. Really–change, permanent change is hard.

Giving up on all our normal “ways”, like using excuses to not make it to church (there are some very good ones).  Ok, its coming again–the bombardment thing–hear me out. So, if you think of it, we are all born as close to perfect as possible for being sinful.  We have this amazing innocence, as babies, toddlers, and somewhat pre-schoolers however the more we are thrust into society, the more we are filled with an awe-struck love–like being in a candy store and just wanting to have it all. Yet, we know that if we over-induldge, we Will be sorry.  We do our best to “moderate”, however  in the process, allowing ourselves to be overtaken by all we see, hear, touch, and smell. It is so much easier to just give in and deal with that horrible stomach ache after, than to stop ourselves. Thus, begins are changes from innocent, almost perfect beings to. well having to fight and find our way back.

Someone once said to me, “as babies, we were all happy because we were still in touch with God and as God began to slip away, we lost some of our happiness. Then we spend the rest of the time trying to re-create that happiness with things. Yet, we are never happy until we begin our journey back to God”

Pray that we may all find our way back to God, sooner rather than later. Our hearts will be filled with an unending joy and peace, which will make us wonder why we ever wanted anything else.  God, is the one guru to change that is never wrong.

God, help us come home to you. Once again to feel the happiness of your love. Amen

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