Day 7 Pentecost Novena

We are coming up on the final days of our public novena.  It has been…peaceful. I was not sure what to expect but part of me was terrified, first because I am not a public speaker, second–Public Prayer is not very well accepted (had you noticed) third, as with so many other things–I never saw myself doing anything like this.

There has not been very many participants but as I heard said “many are called, but few will listen and of those that listen,  few will come”  Sometimes, I think these steps are more for my growth than anyone else’s (selfish) but when I think of how wonderful I feel–I can’t keep it to myself.

Today, we had a unexpected visitor and one that to us, did not fit the bill of a Godly man. Where we are  there are some questionable characters, which at times can seem a bit scary or overwhelming.  I am not accustomed to being in that type of setting, but as I committed myself to doing this Novena, I was very aware of where I would be and I prayed that God would make me compassionate enough to be able to accept in my heart what I did not understand.  I am well aware that God touches everyone even when they don’t seem worthy in our eyes.  People must go through so much here, in this life. And for some it is harder than others and many can’t deal with the evils that tempt us each day, but that doesn’t make them less worthy of God’s love.  It is for those individuals especially that we must pray for and find a way to gently lead them back to God. Many know Him but many are scared of how they  have offend Him. Aren’t we all?

Let us pray know for all those lost souls that are around us, the ones we try so hard to ignore, the ones we see out of the corner of our eyes, the ones we are so quick to judge without true knowledge.  Pray that these people–God’s children– find a way to be strong each day as they face all those temptations that the devil will throw at them. The devils words will be coated with lies that will make it hard for them to stay strong. Fill them Heavenly Father with your awesome love, that they may feel your peace over take them and that they grow in their strengths, don’t let them be discouraged. Amen

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