Difficulties and growth

Finding time to grow in all aspects of life can be extremely trying, don’t you think?

Where does one start? How do you find a starting point, which aspect becomes priority?  Do you start with faith? Parenthood? Mental, physical or Spiritual, each is an important part of who we are meant to be but is one more important than the other and if so, how do you know which?

I suppose, we are not to know (exactly) where we are to start. God will guide us. How?  A thought occurred to me…maybe that is why we have to face our difficulties; sometimes our difficulties work on our Spiritual side  and others on our mental state. Work in ourselves is continuous and as we walk through life, clueless, we need the guidance of our obstacles to help us find our correct path.  What are your thoughts on this matter? Have you seen your life difficulties help you grow in all aspects of your life?



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