Disciples and Fear

Happy Pentecost Sunday!!

Last time I blogged, I left off with saying that I was ready to return to a more consistent blog, well…let’s put it this way…one’s ideas are not always in line with God’s and He will re-align you without any hesitation.

I have spent time quietly meditating, gently praying for God’s guidance, asking the Holy Spirit to take over all that I am and expecting the earth to shake and my mind & soul to  light up the world so that I could be sure of God’s word.  Well, that’s not how it works, at least not in this day age…while that may be what happened on that Pentecost day for the Disciples, it is not what we can expect.

Yet, just as the Disciples learned on that very day…they had nothing to fear but fear itself, for Our Lord was truly in charge.  I have come to the conclusion, that if it took the Disciples (who had been hiding in fear) for the Holy Spirit to come with a blinding light and earth shaking wind to get over their fear and go out make Disciples of all the non-believers, well I shouldn’t feel so bad about my fears and struggles.

However, at the end of the Pentecost Novena a thought hit me….and I think (at least for the time being) I have found a purpose for my fear, as well as a place for it.

One of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Fear.  Fear my archenemy will now be my ally.  What is that I am saying? The fear that has kept me at bay from following God will now be the reason I follow God.  For in allowing the Holy Spirit to fill me with the Spirit of Fear, I don’t fear what society or life will bring my way but I will fear disappointing my Lord and my Love.  Fear of God is a great thing. If we fear Our Lord, it is not that we find Him scary but rather that we find Him glorious. We wish not to hurt Him by disobeying Him but rather show our Love and Respect for Him through doing His good works.  We wish to do His will and act on His mercy.

May the will of God be done. May we allow ourselves the Spirit of Fear in a good and positive way.  May we become followers of God and may we go forth and evangelize all those around us with the Love of God.



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