Distraction thoughts

God what is that we must do?   How do we find our way?

Can we hear  you through all the static?   Noise that breaks your words and our concentration, allowing for the smallest deception to crawl in and take us away from you.  Show us, dear Lord, how to be strong…to hear through the noise the beauty of your Word.

Distractions lead to questions ….questions that lead us away….making us wonder if we are heading in the right path.  We are rarely sure of your instructions… we lack the confidence which brings us peace on our path.  Help us, God, we need to know YOU in all of our plans.  Let us surrender ourselves fully and completely to YOUR HANDS….may we  trust YOU without the desire to be in control.

Fill our hearts with Your love and a warmth that we can feel when we are following You.

Thanks Be To God.

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