Drive by Prayers–Advent Day 1

Prayer to Our Lady of Hope

I am the mother of fair love, and of fear, and of knowledge, and of holy hope.  In me is all grace of the way and of the truth; in me is all hope of life and of virtue.  Come to me all that desire me and be filled with my fruits (Sirach 24:24-26).
O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Grace, Hope of the world.
Hear us, your children, who cry to you

Let Us Pray
O God, who by the marvelous protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary has strengthened us firmly in hope, grant we beseech You, that by persevering in prayer at her admonition, we may obtain the favors we devoutly implore.  Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

**These prayers are the beginning of the novena of Our Lady of Hope. (go to for the full novena)

Apparitions of Our Blessed Mother.

Our Lady of Hope appeared Pontmain, France in 1871

A Sign of Hope
Toward evening on January 17, Pontmain, a small town in the north of Mayenne, lies under a blanket of snow. People are anxious, but everybody is going about work as usual. In a barn in the middle of town two boys, Eugene and Joseph Barbedette, are helping their father pound stalks to feed to the horses. Some minutes before six o’clock in the evening, taking advantage of a break from work, Eugene leaves the barn and sees in the sky a “Lady” dressed in a dark-blue robe sprinkled with stars. She spreads her lowered hands in a gesture of welcome and smiles on him.  Joseph comes along a few moments later and also sees the Lady. But the father of the boys sees nothing. Undaunted, they call their mother, who also fails to see anything even after going back to the house for her eyeglasses. There is nothing to it, declare the parents, and the boys are to get on with work and then come in for supper. After a quick meal, the boys still see the beautiful Lady, so the Sisters of the school are called. Again, they see nothing. But two little girls with them do see the beautiful Lady and describe the star-studded blue robe, the dark veil, and the crown of gold. (read more about the apparition of Our Lady at Our Lady of Hope/ Lady of Pontmain)


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