Drive by Prayers — Advent Day 22


Prayer To Our Lady Of Light

Oh Lady of Light, Owner of all Graces,
Cover us with Your mantle resplendent,
For You are the Light that Guides us through darkness,
And through Your immense mercy You give us,
Strength and nourishment to follow our path,
That takes us to You, Oh Full of Grace.

Our Lady, illuminated through the Holy Spirit,
Mother of Our Lord, Our Fountain of Light,
You are our strength and our way,
And You protect us among mountains and valleys,
Through deserts and islands, in the suffering and tortures,
In the persecutions and temptations that we suffer.

Oh Our Lady of Light, Our Mother,
Cover us with Your interminable Glory,
And continue to illuminate our way,
With Your interminable and Divine Light,
That nothing else do we want to see,
Only the wonders of Your Presence.

Oh Our Lady of Light, Mother of God,
Help us through Your infinite goodness,
To face all dangers and temptations,
So that with Your precious aid,
We may follow our way with Your Light,
And far from the Shadows of Darkness.



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