Drive By Prayers — Celebrate St. Joseph

Visiting the Shrine of St. Joseph in Yarnell, Arizona was a awesome experience.

We arrived there later than we had hoped. We took a few “detours” before finally arriving at our destination. As we got there the weather was beginning to change, it started to mist and soon the mist became a light winter rain. More wintery than we were prepared for. We were not discouraged and how could we be, when we where in the presence of greatness.

As you begin the walk  which leads you the Stations of the Cross, you can’t help remembering how extremely lucky we are…even with the rain drizzling down on our fair weather jackets.  The many Stations are reminders of the suffering endured for us…for our Salvation. How could we not bear with some minor inconveniences…which face it, in comparison, that is basically what are lives problems are… we will forget all the many “sufferings” of our earthly lives the minute we enter into heaven. It always overwhelms me as I began to meditate on Our Lord’s suffering. I can’t bear to think that I would, more than likely, have been among the crowd of all those who did nothing–simply stood by and watched–not even given Jesus the benefit of a tear…as He walked on by carrying such a heavy cross…so weak from being beat  and I just standing watching without an ounce of remorse or even a care for this man that claimed to be the Son of God.

It is easy to believe that we would not have been one of the many, yet there were more “many” than not.  So few people took a stand…or hurried to help…in the Stations we see only two such people.  Veronica and  Simon of Cyrene, only two people and yet I am sure there were at least a thousand plus spectators.

The life of Jesus and Mary would not have been complete without our dear St. Joseph.  A humble, caring, and obedient man. A man whom God entrusted His only Son. Imagine if you can, St. Joseph’s cross.  Being responsible for the life of the One True God. Not a position many could fill, however St. Joseph stepped up and grow in obedience of God. He took on the role of Foster Father for Jesus and became the greatest role model for all men…in being Fathers…foster fathers….adoptive fathers…grandfathers… the most sensational male role model.

March, is St. Joseph’s month and what better way to show respect as well as ask for blessings for all men who are, have become, will become, fathers. God surely knows our need to have amazing role models for the earthly fathers. So many men can feel lost as the take on the role of father and many unfortunately have not had any fatherly role models and don’t even know what is expected of them. Let us all join in prayer beginning March 5 in a novena to St. Joseph, may we lift up all the men who have become fathers and those whose fatherhood has been taken away with or without their knowledge.   May Our Lord help them find the strength to accept the beauty of the responsibility which comes with fatherhood. May they understand how important they are in the lives of their children.

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