Duck Dynasty Opinion

A quick post, my opinion on the Duck Dynasty comments.

As I have stated before, we are not up on much of the media events, we don’t watch T.V. regularly but I catch snippets here and there. That being said, I may not be the most well informed women on the subject but what I do know is that Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, has had his dealings with the devil himself and through hardship came back to God and realigned his life to follow God.

He may be more vocal than I would ever feel comfortable being but I do believe God has called Mr. Robertson and placed him in a career where could make a change.  The entertainment business has gotten a bit out of hand, as far as what is being accepted…morally it is becoming bankrupt. There have to be some strong, God-fearing people in the arena who are willing to stand up for what is truly right in the eyes of  God.

Again, this is only my opinion, but what would Mr. Robertson have to lose by speaking the truth. Do you think he needs the money? Do you think he  truly cares about being famous (mind you he gave up fame once before and his reasons weren’t as good)?  I am sure he knows, if he speaks the truth in the Lord he will be justly rewarded far greater than any amount of money or material possession in this world.

May our Dear Lord continue to fill the hearts of the Robertson family with the courage to face the devil on a daily basis, give them the strength of David to fight the enemy on His terms, to bring back the light of truth in this quickly darkening world. God please continue to bless them in their days and encourage others to follow without fear.

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