I had a thought today, which surprised me…Oct. 15 was National Infant  Loss Awareness day, I wonder how many infants returned home that day?

Infant loss is a difficult topic to bring up, it is awkward (at least to me) to go around asking every women you meet, “hey have you had a miscarriage or infant loss of any sort?’  But about 50% of pregnancies, end in infant loss..here in the United States… the richest nation…aren’t we supposed to have the best doctors and be medically advanced?   So, that means half of the women who become pregnant, lose their child…maybe we need to start asking those women around us.

In preparing for our first ever “Healing Walk”, I have started to ask and talk to many women, who have shared their stories of loss with me and I feel so blessed. Blessed, in that women have felt comfortable enough with me to share and that God has allowed me to used in this manner.

So many of us focus on the pain, hurt, emptiness and shattered dreams when we think of the loss of our child, yet we forget that with all the sadness came Joy. Before the pain, there was happiness, joy, laughter, building of dreams, sharing the good news,  feeling the fluttering, hearing the first cry, gratitude, so many positive feelings…we forget, we allow our happiness to be taken away along with our child.

Each of our child’s lives was lived to the fullest no matter how short we consider it. God, knows our fate before we are even conceived and has planned our lives accordingly. He gives us opportunity with each life, may we know how to embrace it.

Holy Father, thank you for each sweet life that has touched our hearts. Even the smallest of miracles is touched by Your Hands. Help us to remember how amazing those lives were.  Fill our hearts with peace, knowing we will one day be with all of our children. Amen

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