“Father Forgive Them”

Luke 23:34

Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

When we listen, there are so many things we can hear. Sometimes, we wish we hadn’t heard or that what we heard was not real.

Recently, I heard something and I really hope it is not real for if it is, it is surely the work of the devil.  The worst part about it, is if this is actually being considered or ,heaven help us, being done–I have no words, just tears.

What I am talking about, well it seems that some “genius” out there has come up with a way to take post aborted female babies and remove their reproductive organs in order to be able to take the eggs (or something like that) and be able to produce another baby for someone who can pay the price to be the lucky parents.  What kind of horrific thought is that?  I can’t even fathom the idea or the terrible consequences of this action.

The only reason I even share this, is because I felt called to do so; otherwise I would have just let it go. That was who I was, but not who I am, through God who strengthens me.

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