Fear and the Holy Spirit



Fear overtakes in small increments….

First we begin to question small things, then we begin to see bigger things, then it becomes so huge you can become paralyzed.

I heard a little something the other day… the apostles were scared.  Can you imagine, you are following this great guy, who has performed miracles, has taken care of you…and what I wish I could have felt… the immeasurable joy they must have felt just sitting there with JESUS. All of sudden, this great guy, is taken, beaten, ridiculed, tortured, and then crucified….they were afraid!!! Fear filled their minds, and bodies possibly their hearts. This great man who could have saved himself did nothing just let them torture Him? Are they supposed to do the same….if they confess they believe….they loved….they knew…and they followed HIM?

In a room, they hid. Allowing fear in them, keeping them in a room?  In this room, they hid but not alone…they hid with their faith…they still believed….still loved….still knew…and still followed. They prayed, prayed, prayed, listened for answers…they had with them the most powerful prayer warrior ever….Our Blessed Mother.  Praying and believing they waited…..waited …. waited…until the day of Pentecost!!! The Holy Spirit came and filled and sent them to fill the masses with the same Love and Joy they had experienced with Jesus.

Fear has filled me, yet I have faith, I believe, I love, I know, and I still follow. Yet, fear many times keeps me from following God. Has that ever happened to you?

In my desire to overcome the fear that keeps me from truly FOLLOWING, I thought that this time before the arrival of Pentecost and in preparation for the arrival of HOLY SPIRIT,  filling myself with prayer and DOING instead of only THINKING would hopefully make me more open to the HOLY SPIRIT.

HOLY SPIRIT fill me with thy Love, Open my heart to the Joy of following You. The Peace of your presence. The wonderful journey of being with You. May we all Know YOU and welcome YOU.

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