Fear is for fools??!!

Fear is for fools??!!

O Lord, my God, again I have failed you. I have stood between You and Your goals for me.  I have question again. I have walked to the edge of the cliff and hesitantly, fearfully, looked down at the jagged edges of the mountain, watched the waves come in and go out, calculated the depth of the water, the height of the fall, the probability of survival and then looked up and asked for Your help. I claim to trust You with all that is this life you have given me while at the same time trying to take control of each step.

My trust wavers at the smallest breeze. The cost for my foolishness is more than I can bear.  My heartaches for the warmth of Your voice, yet I continue to push You away with my desires to maintain control. I crave the smallest ounce of power, even though, I know that You are all-powerful. You are so willing to give us the power we need during our earthly struggles, however we must allow You to maintain all the power.

I want to hear Your voice, I want to know Your command, but most of all I want to run at Your command, run as fast as I possibly can to the edge of the cliff. I don’t want to even look down at the fall, just jump with a  great zeal, not wonder if there is or isn’t water, yet KNOW that YOU are there and YOU will catch me!!! Even if I am wrong!! As long as You know that I believed and trusted it was Your voice I followed.

God, forgive me in my hesitation to believe that You are there for me, even from the smallest needs to the most complex of earthly problems. You know what we are to face and how we best should face all our adversities. Help my trust grow in You, stronger and stronger each day.


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