Feast of the Annunciation

Today is the official celebration of the Annunciation. Not  many people are aware of this particular celebration, at least I know I wasn’t until recently. What is the Feast of the Annunciation, it is the day we celebrate (acknowledge) the archangel, Gabriel coming to Mary and asking her to carry the blessed Child, Jesus. Mary, with obedience and faith, accepts her calling without question or fear. For me this, as would a due date, marks the beginning or better yet, the preparation for Christmas.

Have I mentioned, I am a cradle Catholic that lived on the cool side. I would like to say, I was lukewarm but that would not be true. Had you asked me then I would have agreed but now I know better.

Frigid, maybe closer to frigid. I believed in God and I raised my children to believe and I thought I was doing better than most and even better than my parents because at least I volunteered at Church. In reality, I was worse than my parents because all those words in the Bible, during the mass, and after mass had little meaning to me. The word Obedience, the most powerful word (I believe) in the bible, was something I used when I wanted my children to Obey ME.

Me, a mere mortal, a defiant adult–a mere child in the eyes of God. I wanted to be obeyed, just as a defiant two year old does; I wanted things my way and not His way. Hit with the realization of this powerful thought, I cringed in my knowledge of what I had been doing and who I had allowed myself to become.

My trek to regain the path that God has set for me begins, small steps…shaky, wobbly and many times I fall but I will not loose sight of who is waiting to catch me.

How far would it take me to get back on the right path? Have you gotten off your path? Please feel free to share your trek.

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