I find myself searching for ways to improve this site.  I feel called to change some of the features, however;  and I have not even tried to hide it, I am not sure how to do all this blogging stuff. Ya, I know I have gotten a few things up and going, yet I don’t feel this is where it needs to be going at this point.  There are many new features that I feel called to add on, yet my lack of experience and tech savvy is getting the way.

I am looking for a way to better equip myself to provide the calling God (seems) to be asking of me. I can only go based on what I feel, there is no one in 4D that can verify my thoughts. I, have, though felt lately as if I just need to do what I think I am being guided in and then think about it later. I am horrible at that,  yet I am getting better.

My eyes have been opened to my short sightedness as well as lack of trust and faith add in my ability to give in to fear and ta da you have one slow moving. million questions, give me any reason not to do it self. I find that the devil has shown his ugly face in my life sooo many times, more times than I would ever have thought, had not my eyes been opened. Lately, though, I see the many times  I have moved aside to let the devil take over, I don’t even try to stop him.  I simple say “one less thing I have to do” and “besides I am only getting in the way”.  Oh how sad I feel when I look at it in this manner. However, it is the truth.  I feel ashamed that I have allowed it to happen, and know the only way to make amends is to do what is being asked of me and not allow room for excuses.  Can I do it???

Almighty Father, you have provided us with the means to do YOUR Will. Make us strong enough to stand in the way of the devil as he tries to discourage us from YOUR calling.  In our sinful nature, we willing give into the easy way, help us find the courage to face the hardship and dangers which come with following YOU. Amen

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