For Profit vs Non-Profit

Non-profit  or For Profit–hmmm a bit of a quandary…well more like a big quandary.  It may seem to be a no brainer to some but for me it was something I really had to struggle with.  One would think, if you are going to be raising funds in order to help others and not for personal gain then you should take advantage of the legal “loop holes”  and go for the non-profit status. Simple enough.

I did some research and analyzed options, viewed the pros and cons,  prayed , prayed, and prayed; not just once but several times before coming to the final conclusion.

My conclusion, if we want to call it that, was lead by someone more powerful than myself. I felt and still feel very adamant in establishing this foundation as a For Profit Foundation.

I have struggled for months to write this piece, I know that it is important to clarify why I have chosen to go For Profit instead of Non Profit.  Today, I feel assured of my path. I was privileged to see what can happen when we give in without a strong fight. Don’t get me wrong, I have known the reason why the choice was made for a while, my concern was “how am I going to explain this to people and have them understand without turning them off?”  Sorry, if my choice offends you. But, the reality is that many, many, institutions have fallen into despair and faithful disrepair and finances have played a huge part in this fall.  The government, several decades back, decided to try to help out many organizations especially those who were in the “non-profit” sector by issuing grants or funding in order to assist them in “helping others” and when this happened more and more “non-profits” began to emerge.

This is Great, so many people out there are in need and so many institutions out there that can help in so many areas…it is wonderful, however the bad side to it…in my  “green” opinion… is that, these institutions have been limited by some of the grants or funding that they accepted.  How? (my opinion) Sometimes these “grants” or “funds” come with small (maybe large) strings attached.  And when you are thinking about the greater good these strings are only small hindrances that you can deal with; but the more “funds” you receive the higher the price tag (think credit cards) and before you know it, you have made so many exceptions to….maybe your ultimate goal, that you can’t really serve those that you set out to serve. Now you are in a totally different arena than you started at…so what do you do….now you are stuck…your choices are few…bankruptcy or closing your doors or just going with the flow and hoping along the way you can help some of the people you started out trying to help.

I can clearly see this now more than ever, many organizations are being hit. There doesn’t seem to be  one particular target, however my current concern is how it affecting the Catholic sector. So many of these changes start out slow, then many began to creep, taking a larger area which also affects other areas and so on… then ..bahbooom–target hit. Some of the areas  in which you can already see the affects taking place are all around us; not necessarily only Catholic targets but we do see it in some of our Catholic churches, catholic hospitals, food kitchens, and the hundreds of great Catholic organizations that were created to follow the examples of the Apostles by providing for the needy, poor, sick, in prisoned,  children and widows, etc…

I, of course, can’t guarantee the future of this foundation. However, I feel called to go for the For Profit status (let’s say a For Profit/Non-Profit)  based on the fact–First and foremost, God has asked me to and second, I must maintain the faith that He will provide in whatever He is asking of me and of anyone who He brings to the foundation. Those who give, will be those that where lead here for that purpose…this I truly believe.  I doubt not, my Lord, for He is good and just.

Those of you who don’t know me, may question me and my true desires. I would not blame you and all I can say … is if you are here by Faith, lead by God than ask only of God the purpose and His Will.









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