As I walk through my day, certain thoughts and ideas hit me. Sometimes they are brought on by what I see, hear, or remember, other times they just pop in unannounced ( I am sure I am not the only one). Many times, I just let them come and go, however those that stick on my mind & I can’t shake off, I begin to wonder if they need to be addressed….and somehow they find their way here (lucky you).

Here is a clingy little thought for you, the fact that we–as a nation have begun to “enslave” ourselves.  One of the basic freedoms we have fought for in more than one way, in more than one war, in more than one generation, seems to be getting lost.  Take a look around you and see how many times your freedom to choose what you really want for yourself has been limited.  Society now has more choices than ever before, yet it is also very limited.   Be honest at what your choices really are; besides the color of clothes you wear…what are your choices…style of clothes–limited by fashionistas, food you eat—limited by FDA & let’s face it, it is getting a bit out of control, education–“meet the core” Dept. of Ed, ok I am sure you get the picture.  I was listening to a commentator on the radio and he was once again talking about a school lunch being confiscated, a homemade lunch taken away because it didn’t meet the standards set for the school…hmmm if the child was bringing a homemade lunch could it have anything to do with the quality of food at the school?

We have allowed ourselves to be limited, our fear has overtaken us…we wish to go on unnoticed…if we stand up for our believes, we will be noticed. We are losing countless lives each day…abortions have taken so many lives, war has taken lives not only in foreign countries but here…probably right next door, children, teens, mothers, fathers, all dying from choices…drugs, drinking, suicide, abuse. Limited choices. The social norms. Even the ability to say no to those things which you know are not good for you is limited…the constant (here goes my fav word) bombardment of the acceptance of these things can be overpowering. Let’s not get into political correctness, another reason we can’t even choose to be honest about our thoughts (freedome of speech), we must be quite careful how and what we say or ….

Which brings me to the one big thing I can’t shake…what are we so afraid of… what is it that keeps us “in place”. Yes, we choose to keep quite & go unnoticed, even when we know we are doing the wrong thing, even when we see what the cost to our children might be, we are unwilling to fight…WHY?  An answer hit me…if we make to much of a fuss, we will have to face litigations of some sort. Yup, lawsuit happy Americans.  Here is the real thing, if we go into litigations, we have to pay huge lawyer fees, and probably still lose, in which case will end up in bankruptcy and lose everything we own..Right?  Here’s the question for you…what do WE really own?   Is keeping everything we OWN, worth losing our souls, the souls of our children, allowing sin to overtake our world for our grandchildren to not even have the opportunity to do what is right? Just a thought.

Lord, help us to see Your all knowing grace that we may remember all that is worthing having is in Your home. Knowing the pains of hardships brought on by our choices, guide us in being strong. Allow us Your presence in all our choices that we may hear Your words.

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