Changes are coming and we Can help it.

As we wait with anticipation or apprehension the results of the “government shut-down”, we can easily see that changes are coming. We may not feel powerful enough to contribute to these changes but we are more powerful than we think.  Our powers do not come from money or position. Many would scoff at us if we told  them we are powerful enough to make changes. Who, us who are mid-class or just plain poor, what can we do to change this world.

We must remember where our roots lie.  Our King was poor, the Holy Family struggled each day, Jesus was ridiculed as Our Savior–the One who was sent to save us. The most Royal of Royals, walked barefoot amongst us. He depended solely on God to provide for Him , His needs.  He had no possessions and  few friends.  Yet, He made the most significant changes in our history. Wealth and power have no relation to the effects that Faith, Belief, Love, Hope, and Charity can bring.  We must begin to re-think, re-evaluate what we are holding in high regard. Do we value money more than love?  Do we sacrifice time with family for money? Are we willing to risk our lives for our loved ones or simply for the trinkets of society?

We may become poorer by todays ideals but when we are willing to put first the things of God, we will always be wealthy.  Is this an easy concept?  No, by any means.  Please share with me, if and how you think we can do this. Sometimes, I “speak” from my heart but my mind thinks–“that is not going to work” but I know many, many Saints have made it work, just how I don’t know. If you know or have an idea,  don’t hesitate to let me know.

Lord, all powerful, You lived here amongst us and faced poverty and politics, You know our concerns, You know our strengths, You know our abilities, You know our future. Help us to make it through this life strong enough to make it to heaven. amen

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