God is good

God is good, He gives us life, He blesses us daily, He is patient, kind, caring, & loving.  But most of all He is Present in our lives. Even in our worst times, when we are failing Him, He is still there watching us, whispering…sometimes, to us, that the whisper is inaudible. It is not that God is quiet but that the noise which surrounds us, the noise that keeps us to busy to hear God is buzzing in our ears.  When God speak to us, He doesn’t crowd us, He doesn’t shout over the din..He is patient for us to be ready and willing to listen and hear Him.

Let’s fight the many noises around us, that we may prepare our ears to hear the subtle voice of Our Father. In His grace, He will move us.

Lord tune our ears to your voice, allow us the glory of your words.

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