God Will Not Leave You

I have been thinking and when I first “allowed ” myself to be guided to start doing this blog, along with the other endeavors I have undertaken due to “feeling a calling to” I was so scared people would think I was crazy.  Maybe, I thought that because if someone had approached me with this information, I would have kindly nodded and not known what to say (only thoughts of crazyyy? right?).

However, as I have progressed in my “calling”, my eyes have been open to how many people have also answered their “calling”.  I had rarely heard of some people doing such a thing, Saints and less then a handful who had written books, but real true to life people, no.  Now, I can see them, I hear about them, I read about them, and I continued to be inspired by them.  For instance, I accidentally came across an artist by the name of Larry Van Pelt.  He is a sketch artist who draws a series of portraits that go by the name of Jesus–With You Always (jesus-withyoualways.com) and they are truly great. The portraits help y0u to remember that Jesus is with us each day in whatever we are doing but especially while we are performing the profession He has called us to do. He, too, was “called” to do something that was not familiar to him and he, too, took on this endeavor with a heartfelt desire to follow God.

After, reading his story, I contacted him via e-mail to ask about using one of his beautiful portraits. He was very generous and agreed, however I have not yet figured how I am supposed to use it. I hope he doesn’t mind but I am going to try to attach it here so that you can all see this beautiful work.

Mr. Van Pelt and his work has not left my mind since I came across him on the internet, I rarely sit down knowing what I am going to write our where it is going to end up. I believe that this is a form for God to use me (I humbly believe this, for I know that I am not worthy) and I believe He uses all those who allow Him free access; as I stated before, I can see it in the work of those who have listened and been willing.

Please forgive me if I sound arrogant, after reading it, it may come across as that but it is meant only to bring to life all those around you whom God may be using to bring you all home.

God never forgets us, even in our darkest hours.  We may believe that we are not in light  of God but He will always be there just waiting for you. He will be there no matter what. You may scream at Him, “leave me alone” but He will not leave you, He may walk away and sit where you can not see Him so easily but never will He completely leave, He may even change His appearance to someone less intimidating … like your neighbor but He will never leave you.  Thanks be to God.

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